Here’s a snippet about the Ardent Traveler, Deborah (yes, that’s me). Born and bred in Malaysia, a country of many ethnicities, cultures and traditions – I was taught to appreciate the differences that make us all unique. This appreciation grew in passion to discover the world around me – the varied landscapes, natural history, people & characters and their distinct life stories.

The Ardent Traveler has an eye of curiosity and an inquisitive sense to explore. Her ever growing wonder for the small and simple (that often passes us by) and the grand and awesome (that holds our breath and makes our heart skip a beat) keeps her on the move. This is where you’ll find stories from my travels, where I take you with me to meet amazing people, savour the food, experience adventure and take in the sights and sounds along my lifelong travel journey. As you follow my journey, I hope to also inspire you to travel responsibly as you venture out to see the world. You will find hints in my posts. Curious on what traveling responsibly means? Good! Find out more here.

These days, the Ardent Traveler combines her extensive and growing experience in web writing, feature writing, responsible tourism and community development to develop articles and presentation decks. Her writing has appeared on online portals such Travel & Leisure, Wild Asia, Greenty, Asia Rooms, Live & Inspire and publications such as Asian Geographic and The Star. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Aside from that, she’s an associate with Wild Asia where she manages their Responsible Tourism Initiative. It is at Wild Asia that I was first introduced to this world of RT. Over the years, I’ve had the privilege to visits, assess and provide advisory support to prominent tourism pioneers and leaders in sustainability as well as sprouting responsible operators in Asia. They range from community based operators to high-end luxury boutique hotels. While they might be worlds apart in terms of their product offerings, they all share the same vision to; do good for people who work with them and communities who live around their properties, preserve and conserve the natural assets that distinguishes them as a destination and manage their business responsibly and sustainably. As a result, many of them have exceeded global standards such as the UNWTO Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria (GSTC). Some of the properties have also earned a Winner or Finalist title in Wild Asia’s Responsible Tourism Awards.