The day danced through splendidly and tastefully after finishing tea at the luxurious Mount Nelsons Hotel. We drove to Cape Point to catch a glimpse of the fiery sun setting under the vast Atlantic ocean. Cape Point is the most southerly point of the entire continent where the two oceans meet – Atlantic Ocean and Indian Ocean. The drive along Chapman’s Peak towards Cape Point had already stolen our breaths away as we cruised through wild waves on the right and massive mountain cliffs on the left. Para-gliders sliced through the wind as their parachutes tossed them up few metres above the waves. The sun had already started its slow descent as we reached Cape Point. Eager to climb to the top where the light house stood we parked the car and grabbed the camera leaving our bags behind.
Cape Town (64)
In a split second between getting out of the car and closing the door, a baboon came charging at me. Out of impulse I clambered back into the car and shut my door – to my horror the baboon beat me to it by opening the back door and snorted in my face. I ran out keeping my door open. Terence turned back, now a few feet from the car came running to my rescue (or rather the car’s rescue). We shooed and made all kinds of noises, but to no avail. The ugly beast had now summoned his entire family and was now having a Bratty Bunch Party in our car. They rummaged through every compartment in the car, opened Terence’s bag (yes, even the zip!) and sieved through everything that was edible and left everything that was non-digestible in a mess!

Twenty minutes of havoc continued. Thankfully people came to our rescue – a tour guide who was once in the army, a lady from the tour group and a few German men big enough for me to hide behind. Cars pulled over to watch, people stopped in their tracks while others apologetically took pictures. The baboons had created a scene newsworthy for a story! We played a game of opening and closing doors, in and out the baboons went. Alas! We got them all out of the car, pressed the central lock and sealed our car to safety. The baboons walked off slowly, showcasing its menacing teeth and walked away into the bushes.

Cape Town (62)Cape Town (63)

We carried our hike up the lighthouse with a lingering tremor and a lot of good humour as we watched the sun set into the horizons. We now have another WILD story to tell!