Hands down, Cape Town is one of the most stunning cities in the world. Teeming with life, myriad of cultures and blessed with spectacular natural beauties, it’s no wonder Cape Town is the ‘Mother City’ of South Africa. Extremely different from Jo’burg, Pretoria or Durban, Cape Town has its own flavor and zest. It is the only city in South Africa that can be explored by foot.

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As all the other cities in South Africa, Cape Town is busy with roadworks and constructions for the upcoming 2010 Fifa World Cup. Football fever is getting hotter in South Africa with billboards, flyers, t-shirts, ads and announcements everywhere. But I’m sure, football aside; Cape Town has more than enough to impress her visitors. We had allocated more days at Cape Town as it was our final stop before heading home – hence no rush, more fun and a little luxury warranted for a good ending.

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Table Mountain is without a doubt one of the famous few mountains known by throngs of people. With its imposing stature overlooking the city, Table Mountain made a good landmark for getting our bearings right around the city. Most people would take the rotating cable car up the peak, instead we decided to hike up 1086m. A continuous uphill climb along rugged boulders and steep stony pathways lead us to the top. It wasn’t an easy climb, especially with the sight of the daunting mountain peak staring down at us – nonetheless we made it with 2 cookies to munch on and a litre of water to drench our thirst.

Flat at the top, hence the name ‘table’, the mountain was particularly unique with sparse bushes scattered at the top. An aerial view of Cape Town looked like a thousand matchboxes neatly arranged. Yet the most impressive sight was the ocean, wrapping the city and extending far beyond the eye can see.

Activities around Cape Town has a lot to do with water, from para gliding, jet skiing, deep sea fishing, surfing and definitely sun bathing on the beach in summer. Buskers fill the streets, umbrellas dot the beach and friends gather to watch live performances in parks, gardens and mini-amphitheatres.

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Victoria and Alfred (V&A) Waterfront is a famous summer hangout. The sun-drenched waterfront is an active harbour that overlooks the majestic Table Mountain. The buzz and activity stem from several shopping malls, old warehouses converted into mega stores and decks lined with cafes.

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