Thermal Baths in Budapest

Our days in Europe have been spent walking, jumping, hobbling and dragging our feet in the most tired of hours. Nothing could remedy this better than a hot thermal bath in one of the many thermal pools within Budapest. Since the city literally sits on inactive volcanoes, hot springs and thermal pools sprung to existence. […]

10 Tips When Visiting Budapest

Here’s 10 tips if you have plans to travel to Budapest. By far, it’s probably one of the best European cities we’ve been to. Judging from the size of the map, Budapest can look like a large city. If you like to walk, traveling by foot is the best option as you get to see […]

Whirlwind Introduction To Budapest

Frustrated with the heavy backpacks we had been lugging for almost an hour after arriving at one of the many Budapest train stations, I muttered under my breath, “Urgh, I hate this city already!” The weather wasn’t helping either as it was downcast with light showers now dampening my scarf. We trotted on a bit […]

Buda And Pest

Did you know that Budapest is a city divided by the Danube? On one side is Pest – the flat, busy, central district while on the other side is Buda, the hilly and more residential part of the city. Budapest is a young country that has a past of Communist ruler ship. Its current post-communist […]