Sifnos Island

Sifnos is a largely unassuming island part of the Cyclades, a group of islands on the Agean Sea. It is much smaller than Santorini, the famous Mama Mia island or Mykonos, the luxury island visited by celebrities. Small was ideal since we were looking for a break (from a break!). Quiet in nature and frequently […]

Sifnos Island – Famed For Pottery

It is not hard to tell that Sifnos is an island famous for the unique pottery art that decorate the gardens and balconies giving colour to the homes. After peeking into many shops that remained closed for the winter, we chanced upon a shop that seemed closed from the outside, but the owner peered out […]

Athens – Where History Meets Modernity

The Cambodia or Vietnam of Europe – that’s Athens to me. Cars and motorbikes fill the streets, traffic jams are not a rarity in this condensed city. Stray dogs are found pawing on every corner and the occasional litter is seen spewing on sidewalks. I was comforted by the sight because this is the kind […]