(Guest Post by Terence Ooi) 

As a boy growing up, soccer pretty much consumed my life. I had many dreams and a visit to Old Trafford was on top of the list. Those of you who know me, I’m a huge MU fan, though my enthusiasm today, cannot be compared to what it was years ago. I was probably a real fanatic then.

I even once contemplated and said aloud – “I just want to be the gardener at Old Trafford”. How silly and impetuous!
This dream once died, revived, died and…revived. It did seemed too faraway, or probably not possible. Well, just a couple days short of the New Year – I walked, toured and visited the Theater of Dreams. It was beyond a dream come true. It was my Disneyland. What I’ve seen only on magazines and pictures, was now reality right in front of me. Our tour guide mentioned countless of facts about United, and I nod to most of them in agreement to what I’ve read or known. Stretford End, the players dugout, their changing room, their friendly banter and the treble – were all sung and “glorified”. We even had a mock walking out from the dug out to the pitch, with cheers and singing (all recorded) from the fans. It’s still pretty vivid in my memory – never imagined my wife would have tagged along too. But she did say – “she enjoyed it!”

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