It was hunt number 3 for the monstrous beast. Hunt number 1 failed due to bad weather. We checked in to the backpackers and they told us the weather wouldn’t permit for the next 3 days.

Undaunted, we rescheduled as we had more than a week left. Then the day arrived, I got into the shuttle and midway driving, the driver announced that the weather at Gansbaai isn’t turning out well and we have to turn back. Bad luck!

Took my chance again and rescheduled (3 more days before we leave) and it was big risk, considering the weather (at Gansbaai) doesn’t look too good.

Gansbai_Great White Shark (1)

This time, no turning back and minutes after the briefing, we were in the boat ready to hunt. Upon anchoring, our divemaster gave us a briefing and a rundown about the island and surrounding. He mentioned that we could wait up to 3 hours to lure the sharks and we’ll be hoping to spot at least one today – since it’s summer and not the greatest time to view white sharks.

Then all of a sudden, we all clamoured to the side of the boat as the crew spotted something… lo and behold, the sharks! Very quickly, we got into our wetsuits and with sheer excitement I was the first to get into the cage. Only 5 were allowed in the cage at once. As they lure the shark to its bait time and time, we got full view of the monster and sometimes it would “crash” into the cage leaving us a sheer thrill to savour!

Gansbai_Great White Shark (3)Gansbai_Great White Shark (2)Gansbai_Great White Shark (8)Gansbai_Great White Shark (5)

After four hours either viewing the Great White from the boat or in the water… it was an unforgettable experience to say the least!

Interesting fact: In February 2009, across all shark diving industry in Gansbaai, they spotted 0 sharks. Fast forward a year, and they’ve spotted countless of them already. That goes to show how the weather and seasons are changing across the world. Maybe it’ll snow in August (in Europe) one day!