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After two days of feeling under the weather, we flew from London to Munich in hope for a fresh view of another part of Europe. We spent our last two days in London with Adlee and Owen in their cosy home near Ealing Broadway. We were treated like king and queen with superbly delicious meals served every evening and a super-sized guest room to hibernate in!

Touching down in Munich meant ‘serious backpacking’ all the way… until we leave lovely Europe at the end of January. It was also our first real challenge as Munich had most of their signs, instructions, directions, in German! To our surprise we were given a warm welcome and given specific directions to get to our hostel by an absolute stranger who saw the question marks in our eyes.

Munich is the most expensive city in Germany, but it is also the place to experience the sights, sounds and tastes of traditional Germany. This city apparently is the heart and soul of Bavaria. The city carries with it 800 years of history tucked in the every side alley, cobblestone, signpost and window. Stories of love, vengeance, bloodshed, victory and the like fill the air. Munich’s history is a long, important one – it was the central hub of the rise of the Nazi power. Adolf Hitler, a person renown for his dictatorship and heartless acts is not something that people in Munich keep a hush on. Apparently it is encouraged to talk about it so that history does not repeat itself and lessons could be learnt from generations of suffering.

Not only is Munich filled gruesome history, it is also a city of victory as the city saw its surroundings crumble into rubble during WW2, however today walking into the city, you can only see buildings restored to its former glory, having taken years of meticulous reconstruction.

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