We had read in many travel reviews that Innsbruck was a place not to be missed. Located in Austria, this town overlooks the Alps offering us the best views of majestic mountains 360 degrees all round. The Inn River running across the town is sandwiched between the old town and the new town. Architecturally there is an astounding difference between both towns. Booming into a tourist destination, Innsbruck has a lot to offer – from guided city walks to self exploratory nature trails. This is also home to world class crystal makers – Swarovski. I’m personally not a huge fan of *blink blinks*, Terence seems to think it odd and peered over to ask, “Aren’t diamonds a girl’s best friend”. My respond, “Well I’m not your every-day-kind-of-girl then! Aren’t you glad you married me, at least you wouldn’t have to splurge of glittery rocks?” Needless to say, we didn’t visit the factory.


Instead, we walked the town center, climbed Stadtturm tower, checked out the Golden Roof museum, read about Innsbruck’s history and visited the Alpine Zoo! Although I do not support the act of caging animals, we visited the zoo for the simple reason of education and experience since we may never see these animals in real life due to its climatic habitat. A visit thoroughly enjoyed!

InnsbruckInnsbruck Innsbruck Innsbruck