After spending 6 weeks in Europe, we bid goodbye to snow, heavy jackets, bratwursts, museums and lots of history. Reflecting back on the last 40+ days, we’ve had many incredible experiences, stories to tell and memories etched – that will never be forgotten for lifetimes to come.

Our next 3 weeks takes us to possibly one of the most colorful continents in the world: Africa. We revel in the reality that we are now in closer proximity with wildlife and the climate is comfortably tropical. Having spent a week here, it has dawn upon us that South Africa has its surprises. Contrary to what we assumed, the average standard of living is alarmingly high (for example; a simple dinner will set us back R180/MYR90). Also, getting connected to the worldwide web is a scarcity, in some cases it would costs us a bomb to get dial-up. Can’t expect much being surrounded by dense forest, mountainous boulders and gorgeous coastlines.

Our first few days spent at Johannesburg was relatively chilling (in a relaxing way, not in a cold way!). We rented a car, drove around the city, made friends with friendly locals, walked through their markets and watched a lot of talk on TV about the coming World Cup. We stayed at Mbizi Backpackers in Johannesburg. Great location, feels like home and extremely spacious – which is what we love! They even have a huge pool to dip ourselves in!

Johannesburg  (19)Johannesburg  (11)Johannesburg  (20)

One place was worth our visit was the Apartheid Museum. Walking through this museum and memorial site dedicated to the cruel and inhuman regime (of white-only dominance) reminded us of our visit to Dachau, just recently. The segregation of communities and the nation just because of colour, skin or origins – were badly astonishing. Happened only in recent history that laws were passed for ‘white-only’ areas, ‘white-only’ benches/chairs, beaches, toilets – the list goes on. People who stood against this white ruling regime were arrested and tortured (mostly politicians). The most famous captive was Nelson Mandela, who eventually became the President of South Africa in 1994. His autobiography, Long Road to Freedom is definitely worth reading.

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Visiting the Apartheid Museum help put images and experiences to the words in the Mandela’s autobiography. Following the trail of this inspiring and humbling history throughout Africa, we will be visiting Robben Island in a few weeks time.