A string of independent boutique hotels have surfaced in the light of Singapore’s booming tourism. The Unlisted Collection is made up of three unique boutique hotels, 1929, New Majestic and Wanderlust including a handful of boutique hotels in Shanghai and London. The owner Loh Lik Peng pushes conventional hotel norms when it comes to giving guests an unforgettable experience. I asked Mae Noor, Head of Branding & Communications about their distinct edge and she immediately told me, “It’s got to be our people!” Recently Shawn Chan joined their vibrant team as Guest Ambassador, a position I’ve never heard about. I was curious to find out what he does and if he’s really got the magic touch to make holidays unforgettable. Here’s my conversation with him.

Shawn Chan_Wanderlust Hotel

Ardent Traveler (AT): You have a very unique job, one that many would flock to have! So tell me what’s a typical day at work for you?
Shaun Chan (SC): A typical day would involve checking out new hidden attractions in Singapore, be it new restaurants, retail spaces, nightspots, trawling the internet for any new or upcoming events happening around the island. After clearing some paperwork, I’d ensure all guest’s amenities are distributed to the respective hotels for the day before going out for Inside Access appointments. I’d round off the day after working out the itineraries for the guests I met earlier.

AT: What do you love most about job?
SC: I love that I get to meet and interact with people from all different parts of the world, to exchange historical and cultural knowledge with my guests, and when I assist guests with special requests to put on decorations in the room during special occasions!

AT: Any unforgettable moments you’ve encountered / people you’ve met?
SC: Having witness a successful wedding proposal, the guest and his family members were very appreciative towards the effort I spent on decorating.

AT: So I heard you are a decorator too… that’s quite unheard of in the hospitality line. Tell me a bit about it.
SC: Decorating the rooms is one of the best ways to enhance the guests’ experience during their stay. They’d tell me their preference, room theme, and I will help by adding simple items like, LED candle lights, paper hearts, etc.

The handy work of Shaun for one of the guests. A dazzling night of stars in space. Credit: Shawn Chan

The handy work of Shaun for one of the guests. A dazzling night of stars in space. Credit: Shawn Chan

AT: In your option, name the best in Singapore for the following:

Best hawker place
SC: Lau Pat Sat! To be able to enjoy local food that has been passed down from generation to generation, along with the company of a live band – totally awesome experience!

Coolest pub
SC: I would like to say Emerald Hill’s No.5 Cocktail Bar. Surrounded by the authentic set up of Emerald Hill shophouses, along with free flow of peanuts and best chicken wings ever, it’s one of the places which I strongly recommend my guests for a drink or two.

Best place for shopping bargains
SC: Bugis Street! There are no other places in Singapore that sells nice and cheap stuff, plus you can bargain too.

Must see in Singapore if you have only 12 hours in the city
SC: That will be the Marina Bay Sands Skypark for the best view of Singapore, Arab Street to shop for clothes and wares by local designers and Ann Siang Hill for snippets of the bar culture in Singapore amidst the many old shophouses surrounding the area. You can end the night at Maxwell Food Centre, best chicken rice in town!

Only found in Singapore – try this if you dare (activity/thing to do/stuff to eat)
SC: Level 30 Buffalo wings from Sunset Grill and Pub! This is one of Singapore’s best kept secret when it was at the Old Seletar Air Base. A little out of reach but such a gem. It’s now moved to Jalan Kayu and STILL hard to find! Complete level 30 and go up on their wall of fame. Not many can.

AT: Thanks Shawn for the very insightful chat on the nooks and cranny’s of Singapore’s best.

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