Imagine azure blue skies shifting into shades of pale crimson and calming ginger staring into a canvas of endless ocean – picnic blankets laden on spiky lawns, families nuzzled together on pillows and a good book to read, couples toasting, the guitar playing and carefree laughs between friends. That’s the sort of scene one will chance upon when the sun begins its slow descent into the horizon.

Relishing in the relax culture of Cape Townians, we headed to Signal Hill and the waterfront on two separate evenings to picnic. Terence cooked Asian fried rice, I packed salad, we picked fruits and had the most relaxing and undisturbed dinner in a long time.

Table mountain Hike up Table Mountain Hike up table mountain 1 View at the top of Table Mountain

Determined to pamper ourselves silly before we head on home, we booked us a room at Rouge on Rose, a charming boutique hotel on the corner of Rose Street at the Bo Kaap District. The owner, Ursula was a stylish and motherly. She took care of all our needs making sure we had breakfast on time so that we don’t miss church on Sunday and our flight on Monday. Her small fleet of staff felt like family as we laughed and exchange stories of how our day has been. We were spoiled with fine hearty meals cooked to precision. Imagine French toast coated with honey, crisp bacon and light cream cheese – who would have thought of that concoction?!

Bo Kaap Bo Kaap 1

Needless to say the room was a delight. Spacious, modishly designed with a touch of rouge here and there. The designers have adopted an open concept, which means open indoor showers and gaping archways leading from lounge to bedroom.

Rouge on Rose Rouge on Rose 1

Alas a cherry on top to cap our awesome two and half month adventure – there would be no better place to toast and cheer than at Mount Nelson. This Victorian vestige is pearl of pleasure with majestic views of Table Mountain and superior service. Decorated for splendor, the hotel serves up a full table of lip smacking pastries, desserts and savories for tea. With an endless list of teas to choose from and the perpetual delights that come floating out of the kitchen, it was hard not to over indulge. I guess that’s the reason why buffet tea time menus like this only exist in luxury hotels because guests have to keep their backs straight, laugh with hands over their mouths and munch on incredibly delicious food instead of stuffing their faces silly. Table etiquette as we know it is actually practiced here!

Mount Nelson Hotel