Southeast Asia is food haven for many, especially locals. Ask a local about their cuisine, particularly Malaysians and Singaporeans and they would offer you a whole speal on the best restaurants in town, when to go and what to order. We are just passionate about food and I’m sure fellow Asians will agree with me when I say, “We can be eating breakfast and thinking about lunch, dinner and supper!”

But for a foreigner traveling to Southeast Asia for the first time, the whole food experience can be fascinating and overwhelming at the same time. A dozen types of stir fries, unidentified animal parts, different types of curries and weird textured desserts – the variety is limitless. While you’re on that culinary hunt, you might find this infographic (below) quite useful. Here are 7 general tips to keep your tummy safe while traveling in Southeast Asia.

Better still, find a friend or a guide to give you an introduction of the food choices before going on that tasting spree. There are also tour companies focused on culinary adventures like Food Tour Malaysia. They take small groups around Kuala Lumpur or Penang to savour the very best the city has to offer. Joining a tour like that will guarantee that you taste a variety of foods without being stuffed and you elimate the risk of contracting travelers diarrhea.

Tips to eating in Southeast Asia