Welcome to 2010 in Edinburgh (“Air-deen-brrrrrr”)! If you didn’t know Edinburgh is one of the best cities to count down and celebrate the new years – parallel to places like Times Square-New York, Hyde Park-London, Sydney Harbour Bridge-Australia and the likes. Incidentally the Scottish capital of Edinburgh put on one amazing show, with festivities that start almost as soon as the Christmas turkey is off the bone. The city wide party is called Hogmanay (“hog-muh-nay”).

Despite the cold, tickets are sold for an outdoor street party on Princes Street (the street dividing the new and old town). Thousands of revelers fill the streets as they party, elbow through the mad crowd and finally countdown to an awesome fireworks display at over Edinburgh Castle. Instead of fighting our way through the crowd, we headed out only at 1030pm to scale the famous Carlton Hill where it’s said to have the best views of the city below. Little did we know that fireworks were to go off on Carlton Hill as well!Edinburgh

We were awe-struck by the colourful rainbows on the black silhouette skies as tonnes of fireworks burst into the air.