BBC reports that in 4 years, this is the first time it has snowed just before Christmas making it a white Christmas this year in Hudderfield, England. All that chime about global warming, I can be sure it’s not only global warming but it’s a prayer answered! We woke up to a white cold wintery day with the sun shining every so brightly on the coat of white fluff. After wishing Terence a Blessed Christmas, I scrambled down to find Aunty Kim sitting on her leather chair sipping tea.

We had come all the way from London to spend Christmas with Aunty Kim, Uncle Philip and Antony at their home in Huddersfield, approximately 4 hours from London. Their home is set in the countryside overlooking rolling hills and acres of green pastures. A cozy fireplace welcomes us in the living room with a typical Christmas tree with a shining star set on top of it. The home is decorated very Victorian like with pretty floral designed carpets, bell shaped lamps and leather chairs with big arm rests.

Huddersfield (18)Huddersfield (16)

Since arriving, it has been a bliss – feeling all homey and warm and a serve of the ever tasty curry fish and chips. Terence has been raving and craving over the battered fried fish and the delicious thick and hot curry sauce. I must say – I was not disappointed at his rave, it was mouthwatering to say the least.

We made some hot toasts and suited up for a walk in the woods since the sun was out. We trudged pass small streams, walked on ridges and came up to a reservoir which was practically frozen from the cold. We made snowballs, tossed and swung them at each other and smashed them into the frozen waters to make pretty smashing designs. Met a couple of neighbours along the way, played with their dogs and carried on. We slipped and slide on the melting snow and finally crashed on the white fluff to make silly snow angles. Laughed, snickered and took loads of pictures to remember our walk in the woods on Christmas morning.

Huddersfield (2)Huddersfield (14)Huddersfield (12)Huddersfield (11)Huddersfield (10)

And in keeping to tradition, Christmas and all its festivities would not be complete without a turkey, Aunty Kim roasted turkey with sausage stuffing and made ‘pigs in blankets’ and stuffed tomatoes and mushrooms with the rest of the stuffing. We had a table laden with a huge bird, roasted veggies and potatoes. We had so much to eat, yet that wasn’t the end. We had flaming Christmas pudding and apple pie for desserts which left us dizzy not from the brandy but from the plateful of food we had. Thankfully dinner had nothing on the menu. We fasted the next 15 hours before our next meal!

Thank you Jesus for a amazing Christmas treat, above all for giving us life and life abundantly…!

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