Our days in Europe have been spent walking, jumping, hobbling and dragging our feet in the most tired of hours. Nothing could remedy this better than a hot thermal bath in one of the many thermal pools within Budapest. Since the city literally sits on inactive volcanoes, hot springs and thermal pools sprung to existence. We packed our bags as if heading to the beach, except that it was a cold wintery day. We chose Szechenyi Bath as it attracts a younger clientele, not wanting to be swimming with old aunties and old uncles with big beer bellies. The day was soon getting dark and the temperature had dropped even further, now at -4c. The thermal pool incidentally was an outdoor one. Taking up the challenged, we rushed from indoors to outdoors in our swimming gear and nothing more than a thin towel. The run proved worthwhile; in a mere few seconds we found ourselves submerged in soothing warm water. Steam blurred our vision and I was guessing there were at least 50 people in the pool with us. We sank into bliss and watched the playful activity around us. White star dust gently disappeared into the water. I looked up and realized it was snowing!

Whether it was psychological or real physical evidence, all aches and joints disappeared after 2 full hours of soaking.

Thermal Bath Budapest Thermal Bath Budapest